------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: February 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fox News Liars

Fox News has finally pissed me off for the last time. Do you know why the stock

market goes down? Because some Yay-hoo of a speculator who happens to have a

reputation decides to kill a certain stock by telling anyone who will listen to

him that it will go down. People get scared and sell their shares, and magically,

it goes down. Recently Fox News, the American Al Jazeera, is starting a rumor that

Obama's approval rating has dropped from 65 to 60 percent. Who participates in

these polls? I asked a room full of 30 people and NONE of them have ever

participated in a poll like that. None of them ever listen to Fox News or it's

affiliates. None of them participate in Fox News's polls at all or ever have. So,

who is participating in Fox News Polls? The same people who listen to Rush

Limbaugh and think he is fair and balanced? The same people who were conservative

in the first place. This is a swiftboat attack in a subtle nature. I don't know

anyone who cares about Polls, but I have a friend who when I spoke to her on the

phone, told me that Obama's approval rating has dropped to 55 percent. I pointed

out to her that what Fox News didn't tell her that is phenomenal for a president.

Bush's highest ratings were 48 percent when he sucked us into the Iraq war. He had

some of the highest approval ratings for a Republican president in decades at that

time. Of course it has only been a few decades that anyone took an approval poll.

Does anyone besides Fox News actually have an approval poll that anyone reads and

listens to except perhaps shut-ins that are left over from the days when a black

man had to walk in the gutter with his hand over his eyes so that he didn't look

at a white woman? I think it is time someone said something about these onesided

rumor mill fear agitators. Today I am giving Fox News an approval rating of minus

60 percent. They can take their whole fearmongering attitude and move away.

Recently the movie "Control Room" came out. The funny thing is when asked if they

were a propaganda force, they replied, "No, we are fair and balanced." Who does

that sound like. If they were fair and balanced they wouldn't have to announce it.

Just like Fox News, the Al Jazeera of America.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Barrack Obama is a Muslim

Here we are in the twenty first century and the Republican dirty tricks people whom Ross Perot spoke of in the debate between Bill Clinton, Robert Dole, and himself are alive and well still trying even after the election to say the same crap they did during the election. These things were disproved on national media. Do they believe that if they keep saying it that it will become true? Does a preponderence of the same lie constitute the truth? This one in particular really grates on me. In the same way that we can sue a tabloid for slander now, I think we should be able to sue slander in political rhetoric. That would end swiftboat liars altogether. Here is my favorite example: The liars who wrote this are saying: "Barrack Obama went to school in a Muslim School in Indonesia. The MSNBC story can be seen HERE. I am just tired of the constant lying. I hear that old hogwash about "Democrats started it" and "Don't you think they lie too?". Answer being, yes on some issues about personal lives that aren't a news media member's business. Not about each other. Let me explain this to you in simple terms. Show me what lies were said about John McCain. I couldn't find any. I looked on the fact checker and followed the fact checker online and never saw Obama make a reference to McCaine that wasn't correct. Even on the ones McCain denied. He said John McCain sang Bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, McCain said he needed education about economics. Then he tried to say he understood economics. His experience was, as he put it, since he was in office since the Reagan administration. Considering George H.W. Bush called Reaganomics "Voodoo Economics" I wouldn't consider that something to brag about.
I really need to continue about this continual horsecrap! My only answer is that we know that the school in Indonesia where Barrack Obama went to school said that was ill informed and preposterous. They wanted to know how they got an enraging accusation like that as they welcomed many religions, including Catholics and Jews. Who were the Americans to call them a Muslim school when they were nothing more than a public school? Ask John McCain. When the crazy lady accused Obama of being a muslim from somewhere else, McCain finally had an attack of conscience and took the microphone away from her, he corrected the statements his campaign managers had paid her to lie about on camera. She was another plant like Joe the Fake Plumber who was related to the Keatings, of the Keating 5 scandal that John McCain was involved in in the sixties and seventies.