------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: June 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Google Adwords Scams

There are some ads from a company that calls itself Blazing Keywords that "guarantees" that you can make hundreds of dollars a week posting ads on Google. They say it is a system. It is likened to a work from home job. The system is in two parts. The first part is the one where you sign up for a CD for about $1.97 , which I did.
The second part has a user agreement page they ask you to read. It occurred to me that many people don't read the page that tells you they are going to start charging you what they said was 68 dollars a month. I immediately went online and canceled the account as soon as I read this. So, you order one CD and they don't warn you, but when you go to the second CD order page for the second part of the system they ask you to read the User Agreement First. So, I did. It said they were going to start charging me 68 dollars plus fees to my account.
I immediately was upset and canceled everything as fast as their website would allow me bfore requesting the second CD. I was given an email reply within an hour of my original request. But, the next day they charged me $72 anyway.
I don't really need a system like that since I can read the instructions for posting ads on the Google Website for free. I went to my bank after seeing online that my account which was already pretty depleted was almost drained.
Below is a copy of the email that Blazing Keywords wrote back to me on that evening, assuring me that they would cancel any payments from my account. A few days later they had already drained the money from my bank account and left me almost broke. I went to my bank and filled out a statement of forgery/fraud so they will be confronted by my bank and asked to return the money. Blazing Keywords doesn't mention their name until later, when they thank you for signing up and start explaining what they are going to give you. I didn't even bother to read it all. I just want out and they are not acknowleging that they ever canceled the account. For all I know they might try to do it again and I will have to change my account number. The ad gives the impression that they are somehow teaching you shortcuts to advertising on Google that you couldn't find out yourself by reading the Google Adwords and Google Business Solutions. This is false, another scam.

Following is the copy of the email I got from the Blazing Keywords online program that I was charged for and that I reported in reference number Xxxxxxxxxxx that I emailed you about previously. I receieved an automated reply but would appreciate a real person calling me to explain why my account was charged when they said they canceled it. As is clearly stated, they canceled my account. Why was I then charged the next day? All I authorized payment for was a CD which I never recieved and at this point don't want anyway, since I can't don't want to be involved with this company who led me to believe they were connected with Google business programs which I WAS interested in. I will no longer click on any ads on google since they don't end up being part of the Google business team and are connected to automated server programs that tell you they are charging you for a two dollar CD and then start emptying your account. If at some point they make this right and return my money, I will print a retraction, but at this time, June 08, 2009, I haven't been reimbursed. Be careful as it seems Google doesn't monitor or try to regulate who they sell advertising to. You would assume that if it was an ad that was posted next to your browser search findings on Google's search engine, that Google would be reviewing their ads and answering complaints rather than Passing the Buck and trying to say, they aren't reponsible for ads written by others on their website.
May 26th(13 days ago)
Dear Mr. Consumer,
Our records indicate you recently contacted BlazingKeywords.com Support. We are sorry to hear you wish to cancel your membership to BlazingKeywords.com.
Per your request, we have canceled your automatic payments as of Tuesday, May 26th 2009 and no further action is required on your behalf. Your cancellation number is: Xxxxxx-xxxxxxx.
By canceling your membership, you no longer have access to the benefits offered through BlazingKeywords.com.
If this has been done in error and you with to reactivate your membership, simply contact customer support using the information below. Please let us know if you need further assistance.
Thank you for the opportunity,Fresh Blazing Keywords Customer SupportPhone: 888-248-9285 Email: