------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: January 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Global Rice Science Partnership

It has come to my attention that there is a group of scam artists using a Phishing Scam that reminds me of the Chinese version of the money order fraud scam. They sent a job offer saying they needed your personal information then if you said you were interested, they sent you counterfeit money orders from Walmart then asked you to deposit them in your bank, keep a portion for yourself as a commission, then send the remainder to an address they had set up. The misspellings and such make it obvious these aren't coming from a professional office. I also would mention that there is no Global Rice Science Partnership sending out emails to ask for help from strangers. I live in the dessert, so I don't think this is the climate for rice paddies like in Asia where it rains almost daily.
This is definitely a Phishing Scam, designed to get your personal information and sell it, do NOT reply to this "offer".

The email states: 

Agricultural Research ( Job Opportunity )!!!
GRSP Application Open jobopportunity11@aol.com to me
show details 8:16 PM (3 hours ago)
Dear Sir /Ma

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our work at home network.
Like you, hundreds of other U.S. workers have decided to work from home.
For the past 10 years, Global Rice Science Partnership has been employing
hardworking individuals such as yourself to serve as researchers and payment processors.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,is responsible for most of
the agricultural research conducted Globally.This research aims to improve existing
rice production to consistently meet demand as the world will be able to sustainably
supply 85 million additional tons of paddy, leading to price reductions
that can enable 40 million hungry people to attain caloric sufficiency.

Your primary Task will be as a payment processor/researcher and analyst.

• Research of information as it relates to rice distribution in North American supermarkets.

• Process of payments coming in from scientists,clients/company, and investors.

Below Information Needed to Apply


• Earn six hundred dollars weekly .

NOTE** Assignment Begins as soon as your application has been received and granted

Thank You