------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: December 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Any Chain Letter

I would hope most anyone on the internet has the capability to realise how stupid some people who create scams are. If we let them trap us, even a little, we are acting even stupider. There have for years been the "Sign this petition..." Scams that are completely fictitious. Those folks who create these are simply doing what is called a Phishing Scam. (as in Phishing for information) The reason the FTC can't stop these people is because we are signing up and standing in line to get our information stolen when we sign up. Every idiot that sends you one of these has already screwed you. You need to send them a smoking hot email with a copy of this report and tell them, "Listen, if you want all of your email, personal name, snail mail address, phone number, etc. stolen from you volunteering to be in line to get put on the report of all the telemarketing people, spammers, and other illegal and unsavory scam artists, go right ahead and bend over and smile, but I AM NOT GOING TO VOLUNTEER to take it in the shorts for these liars, so don't include me in a mass email to ANYONE or I will report you to the Federal Trade Commission ! ! !
They may be too naiive to understand but there won't be any worry about them when you block them from your email server. That way if they whine that you aren't acting like a friend anymore, you can let them know that THEY did this, not you.
Take Care,
Arizona Mildman