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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Global Rice Science Partnership

It has come to my attention that there is a group of scam artists using a Phishing Scam that reminds me of the Chinese version of the money order fraud scam. They sent a job offer saying they needed your personal information then if you said you were interested, they sent you counterfeit money orders from Walmart then asked you to deposit them in your bank, keep a portion for yourself as a commission, then send the remainder to an address they had set up. The misspellings and such make it obvious these aren't coming from a professional office. I also would mention that there is no Global Rice Science Partnership sending out emails to ask for help from strangers. I live in the dessert, so I don't think this is the climate for rice paddies like in Asia where it rains almost daily.
This is definitely a Phishing Scam, designed to get your personal information and sell it, do NOT reply to this "offer".

The email states: 

Agricultural Research ( Job Opportunity )!!!
GRSP Application Open jobopportunity11@aol.com to me
show details 8:16 PM (3 hours ago)
Dear Sir /Ma

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our work at home network.
Like you, hundreds of other U.S. workers have decided to work from home.
For the past 10 years, Global Rice Science Partnership has been employing
hardworking individuals such as yourself to serve as researchers and payment processors.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,is responsible for most of
the agricultural research conducted Globally.This research aims to improve existing
rice production to consistently meet demand as the world will be able to sustainably
supply 85 million additional tons of paddy, leading to price reductions
that can enable 40 million hungry people to attain caloric sufficiency.

Your primary Task will be as a payment processor/researcher and analyst.

• Research of information as it relates to rice distribution in North American supermarkets.

• Process of payments coming in from scientists,clients/company, and investors.

Below Information Needed to Apply


• Earn six hundred dollars weekly .

NOTE** Assignment Begins as soon as your application has been received and granted

Thank You


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Markus Seafoods

I recieved the following random email from this scammer. It says first of all, that I showed an interest in their company at one time in the past. I have been looking for work so I actually didn't remember so I checked it out. As I was afraid, there is a MARCUS FOODS and a MARCUS SEAFOODS but there is not MARKUS Seafoods with a K instead of a C. Don't reply to this it is a Phishing Scam.

markusseafoodshr03@yahoo.com to me show details 1:33 PM (23 minutes ago)

You have recently expressed an interest in employment with our company, however at that time all the positions were fullfilled and we never got back to you. Now we have few openings and if you are still looking for a job please review this email.The next letter has been directed to you in order to help you get a position at Markus Seafoods, a well-known company selling assorted seafoods to various companies all over the world. In order to speed up the development rate of the company`s business, we need more staff helping our managers do what is required by the CEO of Markus Seafoods. The position set out in this email is that of an operational manager assistant. As the name shows, your main function will be to help our operational managers achieve goals set. In order to do it, you will mostly use your Internet connection, which should be flawless. Full list of your functions and duties can be found in the ‘About’ file. Please make sure that you are fully aware as well as understand the contents of the file before you take further steps described below.

Two files attached to the email are the ‘About’ file mentioned above and the 001 application form you are expected to fill out in order to initiate the selection process. Please complete the second file and send it back to us by email. As the general perception of your application is equally important, we believe that people sending us their employment application forms should check them for errors (including typos) before clicking on the ‘Send’ button in their mailboxes. This is a good way to show that you are a reliable applicant able to stick to what is required.

The last stage of the selection process is the phone interview with chosen candidates. Like any other job interview, it is has to be a real face-to-face conversation with a candidate, when different questions are asked, so when the interview is over, a comprehensive picture of your professionalism and skills is available. Some questions may include those about the performance of the company. In order to answer them, please visit our website and focus your attention on the most important information and facts about Markus Seafoods.

Shortly after the interview another phone call will be made, when you will be asked to fill out the last application online (the 002 file) and send us a copy of your ID.

Thank you for your efforts and attention!


Markus Seafoods LTD
www . markus-seafoods . com
Fax: +1 (866) 618-7722 Tell.: +1 (315) 210-8535

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Re: Your ATM Payment Update. From Ms. Ann Martinez

(Here is the latest Phishing Scam / trying to get you to send them 95 dollars for getting involved in illegal transactions which YOU CAN AND WILL BE ARRESTED FOR if they send you some forged transaction identity materials/bogus debit cards/fake money orders that you try to use at your bank.)

Re: Your ATM Payment Update. 11:15 AM
From: MS.ANN MARTINEZ (natalia@comercialjimenez.com.br)
Sent: Wed 10/26/11 11:15 AM

This Is To Officially Inform You That It Has Been Resolved And Agreed Upon By The World Bank Auditors That Your Inheritance/Winning Funds Valued $1.5millon Will Be Released To You Via ATM Special Mode Of Payment. This Approval Was Part Of The Agreement Signed In The Last Joint Meeting Of The World Bank, The CBN And United Nations.
Your Email Address Appeared In Our Central Computer Among The List Of Unpaid Beneficiaries Who Will Receive Their Payment Of $1.5million.

Our Auditors Have Verified Your Inheritance File And Discovered Reasons Why You Are Yet To Receive Your Payment. It Was Because Of Irregularities And Complications Discovered On Your Payment File By Our Technical Experts In Respect To Your Payment Requirements Which Have Just Been Duly Rectified By The Auditors.

Meanwhile, We Have Been Informed That You Are Still Dealing With Non Recommended Officials Over The Release Of Your Inheritance Funds; Such Acts Must Stop For Security Reasons If You Still Wish To Receive Your Inheritance Payment. We Have Decided To Bring A Solution To Your Problem; Right Now Your Payment Has Been Re-Arranged Through The ATM Swift Card.

Your Payment Approvals And Authorization Documents Has Been Handed Over To Dr Veronica Mercy Of The CBN, She Shall Facilitate The Release Of Your Payment To You And Will Be Sending You The ATM Swift Card Which You Will Use To Withdrew Your Payment From Any ATM Machine In Any Part Of The World, You Will Be Requested By Dr Veronica Mercy To Pay USD95.00 For The Delivery Of Your ATM Card Which Cannot Be Deduct From The Approved ATM Payment Card.

If You Accept To Receive Your Payment In The Above ATM Mode Of Payment Procedure, Then Contact The Officer, Dr Veronica Mercy With The Below Contact Information.

His Contact Info: Her Names: Dr Veronica Mercy
His Email: (drmercy10@yahoo.co.jp)

Note: You Must Instruct Her To Facilitate The Delivery Of Your ATM Payment And Also Request Her To Send You The Payment Information You Will Use In Sending The USD95.00 Delivery Fee Of Your ATM Card To Enable The Courier Deliver It To You As Directed By World Bank Auditors. Reconfirm Your Information's To Him (Your Full Names, Address, Telephone Number And Any Form Of Identification)

Thanks For Your Patience.
Ann Martinez.
Inheritance Payment Division.

(Please be smart and don't send these people any money.)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another History Revisionist

I am tired of the NEOCON History Revisionism that goes on in this country. Christians just can't get over the fact that they were lied to by their church when they were little and so they want to change the facts to go with their theory. This guy should be ashamed of himself.
Once again I will remind everyone that there were only SEVEN founding fathers. John Adams (DEIST) , Benjamin Franklin (DEIST), Alexander Hamilton (DEIST), John Jay (Revisionist Christian who was mostly influenced by DEISM), Thomas Jefferson (DEIST), James Madison (DEIST), and George Washington (DEIST).
Christians, get over it and quit lying to yourselves. You aren't the only game in town, GROW UP!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It seems that the "Good Hands" people have started lying to make you think that the more you pay, the better they cover you. State laws mandated by the Department of Insurance in your state enforce insurance company complaints and any insurance company, no matter how small they are, does NOT want to be prevented from selling insurance in your state, so they comply with coverage on claims as per your contract.
You will notice that Mr. Mayhem, not a spokesman for the company, and I will mention here that an actor doing a dramatization will say what he is payed to say, is the one to infer to you in the commercial in a carefully worded way, that, "If you paid for cut rate insurance, then you (THE OPERATIVE WORD HERE IS) "COULD" (careful not you say that you will) be paying for this yourself. Have you noticed their commercials are ALL OVER THE PLACE AND ALL THE TIME NOW? If their product was that great, they wouldn't need to advertise that much. They just want their clients and prospective clients to think it is worth it to pay more.
I go to an insurance broker who finds me the best rate for the least money. He has NEVER called and told me, "Gee, Steve, you know what? The best coverage we can get for you for the money would be ALLSTATE." If they were that good, he would.
Because of the changes in State Laws recently, in some states good drivers who have never had an accident or DUI are paying as little as nine dollars a month for insurance but you don't hear that being advertised.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

MyLife.com Is A Scam

No one, and I repeat, NO ONE should bother giving money to MyLife.com They are a ripoff and have been since Day ONE. Their advertising seems questionable at best. They send out spam emails saying that someone wants to know about you, don't you want to know who? I can tell you who, MyLife.com wants to know any pertinent information about you so they can sell it. They don't have to guarantee you that the information they give you is accurate or helpful. It might be about someone with a similar name. They advertise that you only have to pay a small introductory fee then extract a year's worth of "fee" from your account as soon as they get your account number. Do not under any circumstance give them your account number.
Whitepages.com that is supposed to be part of the phone company directory will no longer give you information, they instead send you to some "pay for information" site that performs the same type of ripoff as MyLife.com.

Read the Better Business Bureau report on MyLife.com:


Monday, August 8, 2011


This is a copy of the email BARNES & NOBLE SENT ME when their computer system at their site for B&N used books screwed up my order. They told me they can't do anything about their screw-up. Please read this:

Re: Customer Service Mail - Order Number:241749xxxx (KMM314xxx76V23xxxL0KM)
service to me
show details 10:11 AM (4 hours ago)
Dear Steve Walker,

Thank you for inquiring about your order #241749xxxx.

We are unable to change the shipping information on your Marketplace
order as you have requested. Marketplace items are shipped directly by
our independent Marketplace Sellers, who begin the shipping process soon
after they are notified that the item has been purchased. Please
contact the seller directly to determine whether the shipping
information can be changed. The seller's email address can be found in
the confirmation email that you received shortly after placing your
order. You can email the seller at a.teambooks@a-teambooks.com.

Please provide the full shipping address, order number, and title of the
item to the seller so that they are able to make the correction if
possible. The seller will provide you with an update as to whether they
were able to make the correction.

If the package is returned to the seller as undeliverable, a credit will
be issued to your original method of payment and an email confirmation
of the return will be sent to you. If the package was shipped to the
original address, and you have mail forwarding initiated with the postal
service, delivery should be made to your current address.

Your order was accepted by the Marketplace Seller on August 7, 2011. The
shipping method selected for the order usually takes 4-14 business days
in transit. Please note: Business days are Monday through Friday,
excluding holidays observed by the Post Office. We anticipate delivery
of your order on or around August 26, 2011.

The shipper has not obtained or provided a tracking number for your

If you do not receive your package by the date above, kindly contact the
Marketplace Seller via the seller's email address

We regret any inconvenience that this may have caused.


Customer Service Representative
Barnes & Noble

Original Message Follows:

Please read the original post following this one:

The point is, if you sell me something on your website, YOU ARE THE SELLER. I didn't send my money to a computer, I sent it to Barnes and Noble as they are supposed to be in charge of collecting the money and distributing the product to the buyer's selected shipping address. When someone puts in a shipping address and their system changes it because the system has an erroneous flaw in it, then it is NOT THE CUSTOMER'S FAULT!