------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: March 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Al Gore Invented the Internet

NO, he said that he had part in the "creation of" the internet in a legislatively and economically helpful way when he said, "During my service to the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the internet. I took the initiative in creating in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system."

So it was as if "someone" had been at a business meeting being conducted using Robert's Rules of Order (Parliamentary procedure) and when the chairperson called for a vote (like they do in Congress), and said, "All in favor of funding the creation of a more meaty brand of Dog Food?" If you raised your hand and the vote got passed and the product was created, you could say you were (at least partly, which is what he probably should have said) responsible for it's creation. His statement, although self serving and pretentious, was NOT incorrect until it was misquoted and taken out of context. But that is not reporting - that is intentionally lying. Some people make a living off of lying, some of them are famous for it. Let's look at the whole statement instead of the 'Karl Rove type' version.

So, that means anyone who sweeps the floor at a weather channel station building is qualified to be a weatherman like if you are taken to the hospital in an ambulance that qualifies you to be a paramedic. Fox News lies so much that I don't know who that guy actually is, probably another Joe the Plumber. By the way, Joe the Plumber is no longer a fan of either Sarah Palin or John McCain, it seems. Joe, who lied on camera when asked several questions (isn't that what they said Bill Clinton was "evil" for?) known as Sam Wurzelbacher, told an audience in Pennsylvania that McCain "is no public servant."
"McCain was trying to use me," Wurzelbacher said, according to public radio correspondent Scott Detrow. "I happened to be the face of middle Americans. It was a ploy.”
"I don’t owe him s—," Wurzelbacher continued. "He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”
Come on! He stood there and lied intentionally to the camera in order to help Senator John (the liar) McCain and now when he has to face the consequences (public diapproval, loss of business, etc.) he is whining. I hope you all know how he is related to McCain. His father in law was Charles Keating, a notorious land swindler in Arizona that, McCain and five other congressmen, caused the aquital for despite the damning evidence that he was guilty. The Keating Five Scandal

Most everyone with a brain can see that this was meant as an answer to another specific question not the dog and pony show, out of context, idiotic egomaniacal statement that Conservatives would like you to believe he said which is actually the first thing most conservatives I know use to base their opinion of how idiotic that they believe Democrats are, which IS voiced over and over and didn't include his original statement, in order to infer that they were presenting both sides of a debate correctly type of logical fallacy statement like those below:
(Let's also look at who started the Rumor that quickly was spread through the public the following day and remember next time (if your brain can actually work that well) who tries to immediately confuse the public everytime they get a chance with nonsense. )

So, did he say he invented the initiative? NO! But, I imagnine that trailer park refugee who can't read or doesn't understand ENGLISH well enough to listen to the words, "I took the initiative..." instead of seizing on it as a faupaux that actually is a mistake on their part. He also said he took the initiative concerning advance education. Does that mean he said he invented advanced education? #@%$& NO! But someone wanting to discredit or disbelieve anything who runs against "Their Candidate" wants to hear is what was heard instead of the truth. I would blame just a bunch of illiterates BUT, there are bigger sharks in the water hear. When you see the guy swimmning Shark Warning Waters with a black bathing cap that scares people, it's time to say, "BAD HAT, HARRY!" That brings me to the real evil behind all of this in the form of the devil incarnate, his name is Rupert Murdoch, and why do I say this? When it comes to Global Climate Disaster as it is NOW KNOWN GLOBALLY, even though some people who thought they could escape to another planet when they destroyed this one said at the time, "What? Why should we worry about that? I never heared of nutthin' lawk That!" Unfortunately some of us listened to the Trailer Park Redneck in a suit.
You will notice (A) his credits include that he works for another Rupert Murdoch station like Fox News and that NO ONE ELSE but FAUX NEWS (including his weather station employer) wants to even listen to this nonsense and B) This is their expert. His argument is, "Well, are you sure? I don't think so."
I tell you what. The next time you are on trial for murder and facing the death penalty, tell your lawyer to use, "I don't think so", as a defense, OK?
If you have ever tried to argue with a two year old that whatever they want is not theirs while they scream, "MINE!", then you are realising the same kind of logic in a, "I don't think so.", debate from someone who admitted to not being a scientist and that no one who "actually is" a scientist will even listen to his CRACKPOT ass or wants to waste the forty minute lecture on someone whose argument is going to result in as much sense as Emily Letilla on Saturday Night Live! Those of you who are too young or don't remember Emily from Saturday Night live, I will give you an exerpt from one the SNL shows:
Chevy Chase: And tonight we are priveleged to have a substitute teacher Emily Litella to do tonight's weekly feature commentary !"
(Applause from the Audience)
Emily Litella: "Thank You. I would like tonight to address something I keep hearing about on the news. What's all this talk about FLEA ERECTIONS in Central America? Why should we care one iota about the sexual habits of insects in a foreign country. First of all, they don't even live here..."
Chevy Chase: (each word getting louder) "Miss Litella, Miss Litella, ... EMILY!"
Emily Litella: "What?"
Chevy Chase: "The subject is Free Elections, not Flea Erections, FREE ELECTIONS."
Emily Litella: "Oh, well that is completely different. Never mind!" (big smile)
But with the kind of conservatives that watch Fox News, they don't seem to get to the point that they say, "Never mind", or they seem to forget it was wrong. I said
that they 'seem' to not notice or 'somehow forget' that their argument was alreaday proven to be false and that it is was completely wrong. When someone proves to you in Black and White that something is completely false then you don't have to say, "Okay, I was wrong." You can go from person to person telling them this complete Horse **** until you find another person who is naiive enough to say, "Really? I didn't know that," and then they run around telling people what they heard from you and eventually they have expanded on the story. That is the heart and soul of propaganda which is the same thing as saying "False Rumor".
If only one news channel says something while everyone else is denying it, then, you might want to decide that the one news source maybe made a mistake or was wrong. Or you can run around telling other people the rumor while trying to convince yourself it was corect.
Ask yourself something else. If you found out that somethng you heard from everyone but one person was inconvenient to deal with and ONE person said different, would you believe that one person? A large group of Americans seem to believe so. You can't educate people who won't listen. Let me give an example: I.E. the alcoholic or addict. If you ask them what is going on in their life, they will tell you that they are fine, honest, upstanding human beings with moral and philosophical convictions galore and that they have NO PROBLEMS with Drugs or Alcohol, they are just going through a rough patch. Ask yourself, do you believe the one person compared to the many others? Some of you do. You want to listen to the voice in the wilderness who is completely delusional and seizes on every opportunity to lie.
That is why in internet classes in college the first thing that they teach is something called ETHICS and the first thing the teacher says is, "You must be certain that anything you say is HONEST! That is because no matter what you say, the first thing you say, no matter how many retractions is what people will remember. If you lie, they remember the lie, even if it is proven repeatedly that it is WRONG. That is how Tabloid Journalism works. The Enquirer says that there was a space alien baby found in a farmhouse in Southern Idaho and some people WANT to believe it, it is like they like being lied to. There is an old saying, "A lie can run completely around the world while before the truth is finished putting on it's shoes." If you say something on the internet you can't take it back, people will remember it and not believe anything else."

And since the White House staff of George Bush finally had to admit that Global Warming is real and that Fossil Fuels help create a danger to our environment, then where was FAUX NEWS when that was said? Why are there still people wandering around stating that "The Jury Is Still Out" on the case, when it comes to global warming. The other idiots are trying to act like Polar Bears drowning is normal and whole species of animals like "Flying Foxes" being wiped out is normal also.

Adolph Hitler's regime relied on propaganda to keep itself from being looked on as monstrous by the rest of the world. They sent out news messages constantly that were completely fictitious because the majority of people WANT to believe that things are peachy and that no one could possibly be lying to them. His propaganda minister was a man named Joseph Goebels. The saying that he will always be famous for was, "If you tell and lie big enough and keep telling it, the people will believe you." You have to remember the Nazis hated the "masses" like most conservative people do. They believe they are doing "the masses" a favor by lying to them and leading them since as Adolph Hitler stated in Mein Kampf, "...the masses are contemptable sheep that need to be led." Whenever anyone believes that they are superior, they think it is doing those below them a favor by "leading them" by whatever means necessary. They hide behind money religion or politics and think the rest of us are too beneath them to understand the truth as they believe it. Remember that.

Along with that description think about who you know who is told constantly by their "leaders" that they are superior to others because of their Religion, Race, and Intelligence. That is the basis of propaganda leadership and the heart and mind of the people known as "Facists".

There are hundreds of site out there that will debunk any rumor and it is better to listen to whatever THEY say is true since their whole commitment is to find the truth and they don't have any other financial or political motive to lie. Snopes.com is only for people who want the truth. If you want to live in your own world, don't ever check facts and continue to live in your own little world.

What one must remember is that everyone who can talk over you like a bully is not correct. One who controls both sides of an argument is doing so in order to lie. When someone stops the person who is validating his facts by interrupting with nonsense to keep from letting someone speak is someone you shouldn't really listen to. Those are manners of creating a "FALLACY" and there is a place to check those on the internet too. But those of you who are convinced that the saying, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion better look at what Opinion is compared to fact. Debates aren't won on opinions, just facts because opinions are usually wrong, that is why they aren't called FACTS! And yes, you are entitled to be wrong, but don't expect me to knowingly join you. If you want to find out all about how tabloid news works, then read all of these: Fallacies and you will begin to recognise them while watching the news commentaries on Fox News. One of their biggest ones is when they 'imply' something rather than state it. This is done by asking the lie in the form of a quesion. "Do spacemonkey slaves from the future figure into the doctrine of the present presidential administration?" You will notice most FOX NEWS stories start out with a tabloid news question like that. It saves them from being sued since when taken to court they can say, "Well, I just asked the question, it was up to the public to decide the answer." They say this as if the rest of the story wasn't full of accusations instead of facts. This is like Rush Limbaugh saying, "How do we know these financial donations to the Red Cross aren't somehow ending up in the campaign fund for Barack Obama?", then when he got yelled at he said, "I never told anyone not to donate!" What is the difference, you slimey punk liar?