------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: November 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Markus Seafoods

I recieved the following random email from this scammer. It says first of all, that I showed an interest in their company at one time in the past. I have been looking for work so I actually didn't remember so I checked it out. As I was afraid, there is a MARCUS FOODS and a MARCUS SEAFOODS but there is not MARKUS Seafoods with a K instead of a C. Don't reply to this it is a Phishing Scam.

markusseafoodshr03@yahoo.com to me show details 1:33 PM (23 minutes ago)

You have recently expressed an interest in employment with our company, however at that time all the positions were fullfilled and we never got back to you. Now we have few openings and if you are still looking for a job please review this email.The next letter has been directed to you in order to help you get a position at Markus Seafoods, a well-known company selling assorted seafoods to various companies all over the world. In order to speed up the development rate of the company`s business, we need more staff helping our managers do what is required by the CEO of Markus Seafoods. The position set out in this email is that of an operational manager assistant. As the name shows, your main function will be to help our operational managers achieve goals set. In order to do it, you will mostly use your Internet connection, which should be flawless. Full list of your functions and duties can be found in the ‘About’ file. Please make sure that you are fully aware as well as understand the contents of the file before you take further steps described below.

Two files attached to the email are the ‘About’ file mentioned above and the 001 application form you are expected to fill out in order to initiate the selection process. Please complete the second file and send it back to us by email. As the general perception of your application is equally important, we believe that people sending us their employment application forms should check them for errors (including typos) before clicking on the ‘Send’ button in their mailboxes. This is a good way to show that you are a reliable applicant able to stick to what is required.

The last stage of the selection process is the phone interview with chosen candidates. Like any other job interview, it is has to be a real face-to-face conversation with a candidate, when different questions are asked, so when the interview is over, a comprehensive picture of your professionalism and skills is available. Some questions may include those about the performance of the company. In order to answer them, please visit our website and focus your attention on the most important information and facts about Markus Seafoods.

Shortly after the interview another phone call will be made, when you will be asked to fill out the last application online (the 002 file) and send us a copy of your ID.

Thank you for your efforts and attention!


Markus Seafoods LTD
www . markus-seafoods . com
Fax: +1 (866) 618-7722 Tell.: +1 (315) 210-8535