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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mitchell N. Kay, P.C.

There actually is a Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. in New York City at 77 Penn St New York New York 10001 who has been the subject of LOTS of legal suits, including two class action suits. They drop the harrassment against the respondents on the law suit and promise not to contact them again and then go right back and get sued again. This man seems to work on the same principle as the people who can hack into your account and screw up your information, as in the movie "Changing Lanes", where someone with some cash like Ben Affleck's character did. There is also a scammer who uses a P.O Box, fake address in Smithtown, N.Y. to try to get people to unwittingly just pay him. If you call the phone number someone with an accent that sounds like they are in India answers the phone and is on a cell phone. They will verify your information until you ask for your Social Security Number. They make one up, at which point you tell them "THAT ISN'T ME!" and they will quickly tell you it must be a case of information theft. It is, and the person on the phone is the information thief. File a complaint with the better business department in New York State if you recieve one of these letters.

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