------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: Re: Your ATM Payment Update. From Ms. Ann Martinez

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Re: Your ATM Payment Update. From Ms. Ann Martinez

(Here is the latest Phishing Scam / trying to get you to send them 95 dollars for getting involved in illegal transactions which YOU CAN AND WILL BE ARRESTED FOR if they send you some forged transaction identity materials/bogus debit cards/fake money orders that you try to use at your bank.)

Re: Your ATM Payment Update. 11:15 AM
From: MS.ANN MARTINEZ (natalia@comercialjimenez.com.br)
Sent: Wed 10/26/11 11:15 AM

This Is To Officially Inform You That It Has Been Resolved And Agreed Upon By The World Bank Auditors That Your Inheritance/Winning Funds Valued $1.5millon Will Be Released To You Via ATM Special Mode Of Payment. This Approval Was Part Of The Agreement Signed In The Last Joint Meeting Of The World Bank, The CBN And United Nations.
Your Email Address Appeared In Our Central Computer Among The List Of Unpaid Beneficiaries Who Will Receive Their Payment Of $1.5million.

Our Auditors Have Verified Your Inheritance File And Discovered Reasons Why You Are Yet To Receive Your Payment. It Was Because Of Irregularities And Complications Discovered On Your Payment File By Our Technical Experts In Respect To Your Payment Requirements Which Have Just Been Duly Rectified By The Auditors.

Meanwhile, We Have Been Informed That You Are Still Dealing With Non Recommended Officials Over The Release Of Your Inheritance Funds; Such Acts Must Stop For Security Reasons If You Still Wish To Receive Your Inheritance Payment. We Have Decided To Bring A Solution To Your Problem; Right Now Your Payment Has Been Re-Arranged Through The ATM Swift Card.

Your Payment Approvals And Authorization Documents Has Been Handed Over To Dr Veronica Mercy Of The CBN, She Shall Facilitate The Release Of Your Payment To You And Will Be Sending You The ATM Swift Card Which You Will Use To Withdrew Your Payment From Any ATM Machine In Any Part Of The World, You Will Be Requested By Dr Veronica Mercy To Pay USD95.00 For The Delivery Of Your ATM Card Which Cannot Be Deduct From The Approved ATM Payment Card.

If You Accept To Receive Your Payment In The Above ATM Mode Of Payment Procedure, Then Contact The Officer, Dr Veronica Mercy With The Below Contact Information.

His Contact Info: Her Names: Dr Veronica Mercy
His Email: (drmercy10@yahoo.co.jp)

Note: You Must Instruct Her To Facilitate The Delivery Of Your ATM Payment And Also Request Her To Send You The Payment Information You Will Use In Sending The USD95.00 Delivery Fee Of Your ATM Card To Enable The Courier Deliver It To You As Directed By World Bank Auditors. Reconfirm Your Information's To Him (Your Full Names, Address, Telephone Number And Any Form Of Identification)

Thanks For Your Patience.
Ann Martinez.
Inheritance Payment Division.

(Please be smart and don't send these people any money.)

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