------------------------------------------------------ ARIZONA MILDMAN HOAX REPORT: ALLSTATE INSURANCE

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It seems that the "Good Hands" people have started lying to make you think that the more you pay, the better they cover you. State laws mandated by the Department of Insurance in your state enforce insurance company complaints and any insurance company, no matter how small they are, does NOT want to be prevented from selling insurance in your state, so they comply with coverage on claims as per your contract.
You will notice that Mr. Mayhem, not a spokesman for the company, and I will mention here that an actor doing a dramatization will say what he is payed to say, is the one to infer to you in the commercial in a carefully worded way, that, "If you paid for cut rate insurance, then you (THE OPERATIVE WORD HERE IS) "COULD" (careful not you say that you will) be paying for this yourself. Have you noticed their commercials are ALL OVER THE PLACE AND ALL THE TIME NOW? If their product was that great, they wouldn't need to advertise that much. They just want their clients and prospective clients to think it is worth it to pay more.
I go to an insurance broker who finds me the best rate for the least money. He has NEVER called and told me, "Gee, Steve, you know what? The best coverage we can get for you for the money would be ALLSTATE." If they were that good, he would.
Because of the changes in State Laws recently, in some states good drivers who have never had an accident or DUI are paying as little as nine dollars a month for insurance but you don't hear that being advertised.

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