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Thursday, September 22, 2011

MyLife.com Is A Scam

No one, and I repeat, NO ONE should bother giving money to MyLife.com They are a ripoff and have been since Day ONE. Their advertising seems questionable at best. They send out spam emails saying that someone wants to know about you, don't you want to know who? I can tell you who, MyLife.com wants to know any pertinent information about you so they can sell it. They don't have to guarantee you that the information they give you is accurate or helpful. It might be about someone with a similar name. They advertise that you only have to pay a small introductory fee then extract a year's worth of "fee" from your account as soon as they get your account number. Do not under any circumstance give them your account number.
Whitepages.com that is supposed to be part of the phone company directory will no longer give you information, they instead send you to some "pay for information" site that performs the same type of ripoff as MyLife.com.

Read the Better Business Bureau report on MyLife.com:


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